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How to write and design Ads, Brochures, Sales Letters, Direct Mail, Flyers, & Sales Presentation tools

The world’s MOST PRACTICAL marketing toolkit

When you put two different marketing pieces side by side, how do you know which one will work? For example, what if you had two ads in front of you. You pick one, only to find out the other one would have ‘out pulled’ it by 40 times? Or you have two sales letters. And the version you didn’t pick produced double the sales?

The fact is, creating effective marketing is more than gut feel. Until you KNOW what works, and why, and how to test your marketing, chances are you’re wasting a lot of money now.

And because you’re reading this, I suspect you already know what it feels like when your marketing doesn’t work.

You hate wasting money on artwork, design and printing that fails to produce results. And running ads that don’t work.

And sending out sales letters and direct mail that get a dismal number of enquiries. Not to mention the frustration of paying so-called ‘experts’ to create your marketing collateral, only to see little or nothing come back to you.

But that’s the tip of the iceberg. The REAL costs are the COSTS of losing customers to your competition. It takes the fun right out of business, stunts your growth plans, and harms your profit line.

Well, the good news is, we can turn that around fast. I’d like to help you take back control of your marketing NOW.

For 25 years, I’ve been helping entrepreneurs ramp up their sales and boost profits. I’ve done this by helping them really understand the ‘success elements’ in effective marketing.

There’s no mystery to the ‘success elements’ in effective marketing. In fact, I hate all the hype that some ‘experts’ try to promote. Effective marketing is not hard. Through this toolkit, I’ll show you those ‘rules’ of success. We’ll do it by working through some well chosen, super-successful ‘real life’ examples. And once you understand how to replicate it every time in your own business, nothing but nothing will hold you back.

This program is 85 pages jam-packed with marketing solutions that apply to ‘ordinary’ businesses. Any one of these examples could be all it takes to turn your thinking on its head, and give you the key to producing an avalanche of new enquiries and sales. At $74, it’s an absolute bargain. I’ve never given away so much for so little before.

One case study, for example, on page 23 of Write & Design your own Collateral, is an ad I wrote that sold a hobby farm. In fact, the ad didn’t just ‘sell’ the property, it literally created a traffic jam the morning the ad appeared. Scores of people turned up, some before 8am, wanting to buy this hobby farm, in a market the local agents insisted was ‘dead’. They’d had it listed for 2 years without a sale.

There’s more to this story. At my marketing workshops and in my newsletters, I’ve revealed exactly how I constructed this ad. I’m still astounded at the number who’ve taken this groundbreaking approach, and adapted it and sold an amazing array of things of their own … not just property, but luxury boats, expensive jewellery, townhouses, their business …

You see, it’s this adaptability that makes Write & Design your own Collateral so powerful. I don’t just tell you about each mini case study. I take you inside it, so you can learn exactly how even subtle changes to your own marketing pieces can produce hundreds or in some cases, thousands of percent increases in response. Here’s a case – it’s on page 18 - that produced a 4,000% increase in enquiry- 40 TIMES:

  • I give you the full side-by-side comparison of an ad for a florist. The client had created their original ad, which had failed. They came to us to create a new one. And we did. An it produced a 40 TIMES increase in sales immediately. Great story. But do you know what? If I placed the two ads side-by-side in front of you, you’d probably pick the ad that failed! Most people do. But not when you understand WHY the new one worked.

That’s why understanding the communication ‘success elements’ is so critical. Indeed, that’s why advertising wastes so much money now. Business people pay good money to create marketing they think must be working, blissfully unaware that their efforts could be costing them a fortune in lost sales and profits. They don’t realise that with some subtle changes, they could be producing 4 or 40 times the sales. You’ll NEVER make that mistake.

  • Then there’s an ad for a Home Inspection business, where again, one simple technique increased readership by 500%. And by including another technique, which I’ll also explain in detail, we catapulted the business far beyond the reach of their competition. It took just one powerful line of copy. Their new ad produced hundreds of calls. The booking service went into meltdown. And profits went up.

This is REAL, it isn’t theory. You can get theory in a textbook. These examples are real, practical cases from my personal files, methodically dissected and laid bare to teach you, so you can make your own marketing pieces super successful, and to drive people to respond in big numbers.

My files are bulging with such examples. I’ve picked out the very best for you … from all businesses and professions – retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers of space age products, financial planners, legal firms, even an ad for a leading cosmetic surgeon. Who says professional firms and manufacturers can’t create ads that ‘sizzle’?

When you buy Write & Design your own Collateral, you’ll be delighted to discover it is about EFFECTIVELY COMMUNICATING with your MARKET in every way – through your ads, corporate brochures, your sales letters, directory ads, flyers, direct mail, what to say and how to position your business on your website.

It all becomes very clear to you when we look at the ‘anatomy’ of putting together your next piece of collateral. You’ll learn the essential elements to include to ensure every piece in the communication ‘jigsaw puzzle’ works. You’ll learn how to you weave in ‘action multipliers’, that maximize the number of people who’ll act. And how ‘reader gravity’ increases readership and comprehension, and how to grab attention in a cluttered noisy marketplace.

From a blank sheet of paper …

You’ll learn how to start with a blank sheet of paper, and quickly develop concepts from the ground up. You’ll learn how to write the words that magnetically compel the reader to KEEP reading, and how to ensure they take action and call you, or walk in to your business, or submit a website enquiry.

Again, there’s no mystery or magic to this. It’s a matter of seeing how communication works with human nature through the written word. It’s knowing the techniques master communicators use every day. You’ll not only make people take notice, you’ll produce some outcomes that’ll astonish even you.

Over the years, I’ve done some crazy things to grab attention. Using direct mail, I’ve sent out letters with actual bank notes attached. (You’ll see an example in this program on page 65). I’ve also sent out seashells, a roll of film, a (foam rubber) house brick, a letter-within-a-letter written ‘12 months into the future’ (you’ll see this one too on page 72), I’ve sent little bags of sand, newspaper clippings with the recipients name actually personalised into it ...

In one case, I asked company stationery buyers to lick the corner of the letter I’d mailed them! It was to demonstrate the moisture proof qualities of a new style of copy paper! I don’t know how many licked the page … but the campaign grabbed attention and generated a runaway success in orders.

You see, I not only want YOU to get inspired and motivated by the possibilities for producing results through your marketing, I want to empower you to THINK like a master communicator.

And you will! Great communication is moving people to action by ‘remote control’. Think of the power of that! If you can actually move one prospect to take action through your written word, you can move thousands. You can grab the attention of 1,000 or 10,000 prospects in a heartbeat, and multiply dramatically the number of people who’ll stop what they’re doing and respond to you.

Isn’t that something that excites you? More to the point, doesn’t the impact that would have on your business excite you?

Write & Design your own Collateral is just $74. Yet it has the potential to make you wealthy. To make you wealthy in ANY business you care to take on. Just ONE idea, one example, one single line of copy you change in your marketing as a result of this program, could literally earn you thousands of dollars.

The point is, you’re already spending money on marketing and who knows how much of that is being wasted? You can’t wait any longer. It’s costing you in lost time, lost sales, and media costs. If you’ve got any doubts about the value of this program at just $74, I make this commitment to you. If you don’t make massive profits from the information packed into those 85 pages of pure dynamite, I’ll give your money back immediately. Every cent of it.

That’s my philosophy on business, and on life. What drives me is to add value. I have been doing this with relish and enthusiasm for 25 years. And I don’t intend to stop now. If my program doesn’t help you and you ask for your money back, that’s OK. You’ll get some amazing insights from my material along the way. So you can’t lose. I guarantee it.

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