What Clients Say

We’ve had some very rewarding and genuinely heart warming feedback from clients both in Australia, New Zealand and from Results Corporation UK over the years. Here are some excerpts from our archives:

Marketing Help On Line almost blew me away with all the ‘How Tos’ and Case Studies that Chris Newton and the team have put together. The amount of material is quite staggering ... it is like walking in to the Oxford University business studies library and having unrestricted access to the most amazing amount of material.

At first it was like walking into a sweet shop ... I wanted a bit of this and a bag of that - and in no time I was totally overwhelmed with the information I was able to access.

Now that I have time to look at one or two areas in a little more depth, I can appreciate the value of being able to dip in and out of areas of interest at my own pace ... which is what I will be doing over the coming months. Thank you again for putting such powerful material within my reach.

Alec Sharples, Fineline Printers and Stationers, UK

Before coming across Chris Newton, we spent tens of thousands of dollars on branding and marketing ‘experts’ with little or no result. I would rate Chris’ marketing skills as 10/10 and I look forward to working with him again as often as I can.

Paul McConnell, OfficeLink

Nothing, I repeat nothing, prepared me for the impact

“I have been in life insurance and financial management for 26 years. I honestly thought I’d heard and seen everything said or written on the subject. Nothing, I repeat nothing, prepared me for the impact of the ideas that flowed from your program. I have already solved some serious sales challenges for two clients who think I’m an entrepreneurial genius. Using Chris Newton’s ideas, I’ve scripted a sales presentation that will earn those clients an additional $70,000 each this year. It blows me away.”

Michael Giuliano, Michael Giuliano Agencies

We’re staggered at what we DON’T know

“Everyone gets stale after a while and think they know these things. That’s where we were at after 5 years in our business. Now, we’re staggered at what we DON’T know. If we hadn’t invested in this program, the real cost would have been the lost opportunities for business and personal growth. Thanks to Results and Chris Newton for all the inspiration, direction and support.”

Shane Lloyd and Barrie Andrews, Masonic Hotel

Rated as one of the best

“The group has heard many presenters from all over Australia and overseas and Chris, you have been rated as one of the best.”

Law Australia Conference Organiser

Pure excitement when they came back holding our letter!

“With the help of your program, we set about creating a new ad for our local paper. The result has been overwhelming. Sold our backlog of 3,000 ‘table hens’ and are now looking at buying from other farmers. Our competition has been forced to sell below cost, and even that’s not working for them. We then mailed our customers who haven’t bought for a while. Pure excitement when they came back holding our letter! 14.28% response and a 40.2% increase in average sale value. Some customers were excited enough to travel 100km to take up the offer. (A long way in New Zealand.)”

Rod Meharry, Lichfield Poultry Farm

Profits are up 10 fold

“We don’t have a perfect business yet, but step by step, using your programs and implementing the ideas and recreating our internal culture, sales are already up 100% and profits are up 10 fold!”

Jeff Jones, Foamaction

$40,000 in new annualised sales in a few weeks

“We’ve generated $40,000 in new annualised sales in a few weeks from the communications you helped us create.”

Jack Griffis, Accountant

41% more qualified leads

“We now focus on the needs and frustrations of the prospect, not our product or ourselves. The result? 41% more qualified leads than from any other trade show.”

Yvonne Greenall, Aspect Australia

Excited to get this sort of response

“We’ve realised we’ve got a whole lot of untapped potential and you’ve set us on the right path. About an hour after talking to a client, using your material as a guide, he called me back and added more things to the list he wanted done in the service. Another client asked how come no one ever asks her what she wants, and said she felt I cared, and wasn’t selling her. I am very excited to get this sort of response.”

Shane Archibald, Southtown Service Centre

You showed us how to define that difference

“Just a brief note to let you know how effective the Results principles have been for us. We’ve increased our prices 10% – 30% after realizing that our prices didn’t reflect how good our product is. You showed us how to define that difference. Since then, our sales have been on the increase. Yet we are considerably more expensive than our competitors now. You have freed us of the ‘shackles of price’! We’re no longer a commodity.”

Peter Rastall

First half year sales increased by a whopping $1,000,000

“Chris, I’ve got to say that your material has been far from a walk in the park, nor is the information ‘rocket science’. However, it is just simply good, sound information we probably should have known all the time, but were just too damn busy in the day to day activity of our business to exercise consistently. Our turnover for the first half of this financial year has increased by a whopping $1,000,000. Chris, that’s a 33% increase in our business. I’ve got to thank you 100% for that. And by the way, our gross margin per transaction has increased by 48%. If you think I’m impressed, you’re damn right I am.”

David Body, Trucksmart

Greater impact on our performance than anything I’ve ever invested

“It is 6 months since we started our new approach and you were the catalyst. While our industry is down 3.5% for the year, we’re up 54.2% in our Ford division. Our service department is up 401.2% on last year. Your programs have had a far greater impact on our performance than anything I’ve ever invested in before.”

Phil Barton, Parktown Autos

Cold mailing … 20% response rate!

“We developed a mailing strategy based on your program. We only mailed 400 ‘cold’ prospects, followed up with a scripted phone call. We got a 20% response rate! We expect to write between $55,000 and $65,000 in business in a highly competitive market. Not bad for 2 weeks of prospecting!”

Damian Lovering, Lovering Installations

Turnover has increased four fold

"I'll admit that I was cynical at first - the claims about ways I could double my turnover ... it seemed too good to be true - but it works! In the four years that we have been working with Results Corporation, our turnover has increased four fold"

Gavin Ucko, The Happy Puzzle Company

One of the most powerful and yet tough to pull off concepts

“I have been working for years with one of the most powerful and yet tough to pull off concepts that Jay Abraham promotes - the development of a strong Unique Selling Proposition (USP).  Results Corporation’s Haydn Rowe recently presented a process that enabled me to not only create my USP, but to test it against criteria that makes it both powerful and lasting"

Michael Basch, Co-founder - Federal Express

Results has been invaluable...

"As a company with no ‘in house’ marketing professionals the advice and guidance provided by Results Corporation has been invaluable.  It is precise, appropriate and most importantly practical and cost effective for us to implement and maintain. The response from prospective clients to the mail shots and telephone calls we have made since Results Corporation’s appointment have been very positive and measurably better than those we were receiving before. I unreservedly recommend Results Corporation to any capable company who is presently failing to communicate with its market or distinguish itself".

Bob Deakin, Managing Director - EXHIBITBUILD Ltd

I have discovered the potential of my company...

“Many of the things I’ve learned I would not have considered before. I am now more confident about our future as I now believe we have an edge over our competition. Our sales have significantly improved and we now understand the value of a good customer”

David Lawrence - Lawrence Cleaning Services

Two price rises and a sales increase of 25%

"Working with Results Corporation, in the last two years The White Swan has twice increased room rates, boosted occupancy by 15 per cent and increased turnover by 25 per cent, all within the marketing budget"

Victor Buchanan - The White Swan Hotel & Restaurant

We had never been able to achieve this kind of response

“When we launched the new style sales letter we got immediate response from the major insurance companies we targeted in just three working days. That’s something that surprised and delighted us as before we used the Results resources, we had never been able to achieve this kind of response from our direct mail campaigns”

Angela Clark - Pointglow Services

Membership sales have increased by 27%

“We have been on the programme for a little over 6 months and it has had a major impact on our approach to sales and marketing.  Our monthly membership sales have increased by 27.3% and our income from other sources has increased by 18.8% … Our whole team is involved in generating and developing sales ideas and strategies, which will ensure we continue to grow faster that we anticipated, we have found that the sheer enthusiasm and excitement of the Results team has injected fresh excitement onto our business and overall, the programme is making a real difference, and will continue to do so  - a great investment.”

Brian Soanes, Chief Executive - The Business Club