Marketing - the whole package ...

Marketing Campaigns and Collateral - Brochures, Website strategies and copy, Pay Per Click Advertising, Print Advertising, Sales Letters, Search Engine Marketing, Quotes and Proposals, Sales Training Scripts and purpose written training video programs ...

OK, I know it sounds like a shopping list you'd see on any number of marketing websites!

But what can I say? Over the past 30+ years I’ve spent month after month, day after day testing, measuring, refining and developing marketing campaigns and materials, so that when I produce marketing solutions for you, they work.

Incidentally, that in itself is something you will rarely find a ‘marketing company’ talk about … testing & measuring … OUTCOMES.  Most run a mile when you ask them to be accountable.  Yet measurability and accountability are my mantra.

The key to effective marketing is to identify why people should buy from your company instead of your competitors, and then to articulate it in such a way that it’s easy for your prospect to understand and get excited about.

Then to weave that message compellingly into every element of your communications, how your people present themselves, in what they say to clients and prospects on the phone, in what your website says about you …

It may not sound as glamorous, but here are the facts.  Effective marketing is all about developing the PROCESS that produces you the most profitable outcomes in every step and stage of your interactions with a prospect.  It’s like having a production line.  You simply can’t have faulty components half way along the process.  If you do, you suffer wastage and needless loss of opportunity. 

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