Marketing Help Online

MARKETING HELP Online is exactly that.  Marketing help … available online to you. It gives you access to seriously practical answers to stumbling blocks you face day-to-day in getting more sales, improving your marketing impact, lifting your profit performance, and the performance of your people.

Even if you’re the most ‘non-marketing’ businessperson, with Marketing Help Online you’ll very quickly be delivering improved results for your business.  And here’s WHY …

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In short, MARKETING HELP Online is a dynamic resource of how-tos, ‘before and after’ examples to adapt, simply brilliant marketing strategies and action steps for producing more profit.  You don’t need to take weeks to ‘learn’ this material. You just pick what you want to achieve, and click on the solution.

For a ‘tour’ of MARKETING HELP Online - Click here

What exactly does Marketing Help Online deliver?

At the highest level, inner circle membership gives you access to:

  • A ‘virtual training room’ of professionally produced videos to take your team whenever you need to lift their performance membership. It’s part of a vast world-first multimedia ‘idea factory’ called the Entrepreneur Library
  • Access to marketing workshop audio segments, before-and-after profit-building case studies, special reports & marketing e-books
  • ‘Marketing Mentor’ - a month-by-month ‘knowledge-building’ course in practical marketing strategies – introducing you each month to more powerful strategies with links into the Entrepreneur Library
  • Bi-monthly, quick-read Strategy Briefs – this is a ‘gentle prod’ to keep you focused and ahead of the pack … quick tips, ideas and case studies
  • Regular free ‘podcasts’ featuring compelling business insight interviews
  • And uniquely … access to our marketing strategy team to guide you in your marketing efforts and strategies.  For a nominal fee, we will even co-write your marketing pieces for you.  This has been a lifesaver to many business people poised to spend thousands on a marketing initiative, where happily, we've been able to guide back onto the right path before their money was spent.

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