Marketing Miracles for 'Everyday' Businesses


How to implement simple yet amazingly powerful marketing initiatives guaranteed to catapult your business and expand your profit line

Pulling off ‘marketing miracles’ that produce immediate results on your sales and profit line, has very little to do with being a marketing genius.

It has very little to with being ‘creative’, or having a ‘slick’ ad agency produce expensive campaigns for you.

It has everything to do with your ability to harness the market-dominating power of communicating your ‘magic story’ …

Your ‘magic story’ is that reason why someone should buy from YOU to the exclusion of your competitors. It’s that defining statement that sets you apart, captures the market’s imagination, and has your customers and prospects beating a path to your door … happy to pay your asking price.

But here’s the catch. YOU already know in your own mind why you deserve their business – perhaps you passionately believe your product or service is the very BEST solution for saving people money, or saving them time and effort, giving them a longer lasting, more cost effective product choice, or your product gives them better health, better looks, makes them feel good about themselves, or enables them to feel more secure about their future …

The challenge is, how do you get your market to stop long enough to listen, the learn about you, and to deal with you?

Let’s not kid ourselves. In today’s cluttered, fast-paced, noisy and competitive marketplace, getting your message to the top of the pile is tough … especially when your competitors are undercutting you, making a grab at your customer base, maybe outspending you on marketing, and generally ‘muddying the waters’ with extravagant claims they can’t deliver on.

Nothing is more frustrating than knowing that YOU do deliver … better outcomes and better service than your competitors, but knowing your voice is lost in the ‘noise’.

If you’ve thought it might take ‘Marketing Miracles’ to get your business up where it belongs, then here’s the answer.

Right from the starting blocks on page 2 of this program, together we’ll start to uncover THE most powerful ingredient in marketing for getting you to the top of the pile. It’s your Unique Selling Proposition. Now, of course, you’ve heard of a USP before. The concept isn’t new. But almost no businesses anywhere in the world REALLY UNDERSTAND how to define their USP, or how to articulate it, and how to harness it so powerfully that it attracts prospects to you like iron filings to a magnet. When you’ve got that figured out, you’ll OWN the market.

In ‘Marketing Miracles for Everyday Businesses’ … I’ll not only help you get clarity on this powerful this concept, as we work through example after example of actual cases, you’ll learn to identify and articulate your OWN ‘magic story’. Cases where finding the ‘magic story’ has produced instant, and as you’ll see, amazing results.

Small Businesses - 'High Octane’ Outcomes

For example, I’ll introduce you to the story of Kevin Borg, a small business Pest Controller. Kevin would never have described himself as a ‘marketer’. Yet, he learned how to use these tools to define and articulate his magic story. Then he wrote an ad around it. (Even he’d admit his ad was an ‘ugly’ ad.) But who cares? Kevin’s ‘homemade’ ad produced a 1,071% return on the cost of his ad in the first 72 hours. His average value of a sale skyrocketed by 42%. This wasn’t some ‘slick’ ad campaign or gimmick. No, his phenomenal success came very simply because he UNDERSTOOD how to define and articulate his story. You’ll love the headline he came up with. The market obviously did, and they beat a path to his door. How much was this worth to his small business? Tens of thousands of dollars would be conservative.

Then there’s Alan Plumbridge, Home Builder. The ‘gutsy’ initiative Alan took as a result of one of my workshops took us all by surprise. His industry couldn’t believe he’d go as far as he did to tell his ‘magic story’. Yet his ‘magic story’ put HIM firmly on the top of the pile. What I love about this, and so many of the stories I’ll share with you, is how an ‘ordinary’ business person with NO formal marketing training, can blitz their market, and put the competition of the back foot. He produced hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales he otherwise wouldn’t have got.

Interesting, isn’t it? This is about making money. It’s about how YOU can take these concepts, make them your very own and make many thousands of dollars from your new knowledge. This is the first time I’ve revealed many of these case studies and strategies in a low priced format like ‘Marketing Miracles for Everyday Businesses’. And at just $74, it IS a below bargain basement price. Especially for a product that is so comprehensive, practical, and totally unique in the world. Businesses have paid up to five thousand dollars to come to our weekend workshops to learn from case studies like these.

You see, NONE of this theory. You can get that in any textbook. ‘Marketing Miracles for Everyday Businesses’ is about living, breathing real life marketing concepts that enable you to turn ideas into profit from day one …

That’s exactly what happened to Bob McMahon, a martial arts instructor. Now in this case, my team and I wrote Bob’s ad, but it was HIS magic story. He needed 29 new students for his upcoming course. When his ad hit the streets, he received an avalanche of enquiry. He got 209 enquiries from a single exposure to his magic story!

The pace in ‘Marketing Miracles for Everyday Businesses’ is like this from start to finish… a fast flowing treasure chest of case studies one after another that you’ll be able to learn from and adapt immediately into profit making strategies for your own business. Often with ideas that are so innovative, you’ll take your market by storm!

Take the case of the Insurance Broker who wanted to grow his professional practice. All his previous marketing was run-of-the-mill. Just like everyone else in his industry. After attending our workshop, he wrote a letter few would EVER think to write and sent two brand new Cougar golf clubs along with the letter! Yes, he GAVE AWAY two clubs with every letter. And offered to bring the entire set of Cougar golf clubs if the prospect would commit to meeting with him to discuss their insurances. His industry was speechless that he’d done it, but HE was thrilled to give away golf clubs. He sold up a hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars in future business as a result.

I’ll give you the case of a Stone Mason who had people spellbound with his story about his gravestone monuments, and what it meant for the growth of his business. And a Tour Coach company whose coaches ‘kneel down’ for aged travellers. This ‘magic story’ captured imaginations and a massive share of business. And a case of a shirt manufacturer.

This is perhaps one of the examples from my files that gets emulated the most. If you thought a shirt is a shirt, your entire thinking (about YOUR OWN business) is about to change radically! This New Zealand company told their ‘magic story’ in such a compelling, absorbing, slightly humorous and comprehensive way, it captured the imagination and put them unassailably on the map. So many clients emulate this approach in their own unique way, because it totally re inspires them with their own magic story.

And that’s really the exciting thing about applying ‘Marketing Miracles for Everyday Businesses’. You see, YOU ALREADY HAVE your own ‘magic story’. Together we’ll re-inflame your passion for it, and I’ll show you where to find it, and exactly how to articulate it. Then I’ll show you how to harness it to dominate your market niche, how to start positive word of mouth that spreads like ripples on a pond, and why your sales and profits will just grow and grow.

At a tiny $74 – with an immediate money back guarantee - I urge you to get this program now, and just try it and you’ll see for yourself. If you genuinely apply it and it doesn’t work, I’ll give you every cent back.

You see, my purpose in this program, and indeed ALL the programs in the series, is to give you the tools to pull off ‘marketing magic’ in your own business. Once you have the skills and the know-how, you’ll be able to apply what you know in ANY business you run, consult with, or work in.

Proven Profit Multipliers

Through the case studies and stories in ‘Marketing Miracles for Everyday Businesses’, you’ll build a foundation of understanding. The program then takes you through an entire section on marketing strategy that will have you thinking like a true marketing pro. These are distinctions on marketing you MUST know. And again, they’re explained with simple examples, and with loads of applications for you to adapt.

For example, you get a fresh new perspective on the massive growth potential of ‘Lifetime Value’ of your customers, and some amazing applications of ‘Soft Dollar’ and ‘Host Beneficiary’ strategies that have doubled the size of databases overnight. You’ll get to do an exercise in the ‘Cycle of Life’ that will open up entire new markets to you in a heartbeat.

You’ll learn some new twists on the concept of ‘Risk Reversal’ that enable you to MANAGE the risk, and add potentially 50% or more to your sales line.

And an absolute classic … you’ll learn about recovering the ‘gold dust’ that slips through your floorboards. I’ll share an amazing account of a 30 minute consultation I had with a large Tile Retailer. In less than 10 minutes, we ‘found’ $10million in sales he was losing year in year out. He went back to his business to turn that around from THAT afternoon. You WILL want this revelation regardless of your business.

10 Step Master Marketing Strategy Plan

And finally in ‘Marketing Miracles for Everyday Businesses’ I give you an ACTION PLAN … the 10 Steps to Creating your Lead Generating Master Strategy. If you read nothing else, for $74, this is ‘pure gold’. Apply it, and watch the abundance of wealth in your business grow. Guaranteed.

What if I’m wrong?

What if you get this program and decide it’s not all I say it is? Or you decide you don’t believe it will work in your business? You aren’t risking anything.

That’s the great part about my philosophy on business, and on life. My purpose is to add value with the unique skills I’ve developed. I have been doing this with relish and enthusiasm for 25 years. If you don’t feel these strategies worked for you, tell me and I’ll refund your money in full. At the very worst, you’ll get some amazing insights from my material along the way. So you can’t lose. Again, I guarantee it.

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