Conference Speaking

Chris presenting to a conference of 4,000 business owners
and managers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Chris Newton has taught his unique marketing strategies all over the world and presented hundreds of seminars, conferences and workshops.  He doesn’t hide behind a Powerpoint ‘slide show’. His presentations are practical, interactive, and provoke discussion amongst attendees, so they go away and implement new ideas. The feedback from his events is typically rated ‘best ever’.

Jay Abraham, the world’s most expensive marketing consultant, once said of Chris Newton, “This man knows more about teaching the how-tos of advertising and marketing to small business than anyone else on the planet.”

And if you’re not totally delighted …

In over 30 years working with small and medium business, Chris has always offered a 100% money back guarantee, no questions asked, even on our $5,000 Marketing Bootcamp weekend workshops. He has absolutely no hesitation in extending that same reassurance to you. In short, if you’re not absolutely 100% delighted with the value, the amount of content, the practicality, or anything else to do with the presentation, just tell us and we’ll immediately arrange a refund.

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