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I'm Chris Newton!!Chris Newton, Results Corporation


And I DO mean welcome!  The fact that you've found this website suggests you may even be a client from the ‘old’ Results days ...

The days when we published the ‘Results Report’, ran 3 day Bootcamps with Jay Abraham and Michael Gerber, promoted seminars and published our library of marketing self-help manuals. 

Well, heady as those days were in the 80s and 90s, it kept me from doing what I love most ... and I learned that spending my time employing and managing business coaches and teams of consultants wasn't really for me.   My first passion was and still is ..

Working sleeves rolled up and close and personal on marketing projects with my clients and Joint Venture partners .  

    • I'll ask how your online and offline lead generation strategies are working and probe ways with you to ramp up your enquiry rate and to get more value for your marketing dollar
    • I'll ask you to explain your 'sales process' ... step by step.  Very powerful exercise.  More on that later.
    • As a copywriter – (a DIRECT RESPONSE copywriter where everything is measured) – I'll be probing to see if you're harnessing all the profit-multipliers … testing headlines in all your communication pieces, the effectiveness of the ‘offers’ you make to the market, the effectiveness of your targeting of the market, the wording on your website and in brochures to probe if it successfully builds trust, builds value around your 'magic story', and if it draws the prospect into a meaningful communication, positioning you as a thought leader in your industry.
    • I mentioned your sales processes. Did you know for example, that by adding one or two additional steps in your sales process, you can lift your sales as much as 50%?  Consider the impact of that.  No more dollars spent.  No more staff.  No more equipment or stock to buy.  Yet an immediate lift in sales by 50%.  OK, that needs to be substantiated.  But I’ll happily share lots of examples. I've helped clients acheve that across lots of industries ... professional firms, manufacturers, retail outlets, trades businesses, home renovation and pool businesses, entertainment ...  And of course, self-employed consultants.  (You might want to check out www.ageofexperience.com.au if self-employed consulting is your aim.)
    • I’ll be the 'devil's advocate' when it comes to your pricing too. People are acutely more 'price aware' these days. But they still want value!  And most businesses fall short of 'educating' their prospects to the value inherent in their product or service.  And something as simple as educating your prospects to your added value (and testing different price points and combinations of products and services) can produce new inflows of cash for you.   I once helped a restaurateur put $100,000 on his bottom line with one simple pricing strategy.  No magic.  He was simply too close to see it.  I'm happy to spell out for you exactly what I told him to do.
    • Then we'll start looking at what a colleague of mine calls the ‘70% Failure Rate’ … in short, if your people are converting sales at (say) 3 in 10, the amount of sales your business misses out on every day is HUGE. Of course, you’re never going to get 100% ‘conversion’ … but if we work together, you'll never ever accept a 30% conversion rate to a sale or anything like it.  (By the way, MOST businesses radically overestimate their real conversion rate. Very very costly oversight, and easy to fix!)

And think of this … if new initiatives can be implemented that lift your 30% conversion rate to just 40% … from 3:10 to 4:10, right there is a 33.3% increase in sales. And probably a 60% lift in profits.

I’ve filled years worth of newsletters with case studies like this. I’ve written books on it. But my greatest pleasure comes from making it happen WITH clients. Rubbing shoulders with forward thinking business people.   And sharing the exhilaration of achieving measurable results.

Now, at this point because you’re still reading, chances are you’re resonating with my hype-free, analytical, methodical and measurable approach to marketing and profit building.  So ...

You may also be musing over what parts of the marketing I actually IMPLEMENT when I consult to a business.  And of course, what my fees are.

Good questions.

First up, let's get specific with what I implement.

I'm emphatically not the classic 'consultant' who tells you WHAT to do but doesn't have the track record, ability or experience to follow through with the implementation steps.

In stark contrast, I deliver the complete package. I learned my craft from the bottom up.  Starting off as a copywriter, then methodically developing marketing strategies for my clients, working with design and media and creating 'tailored' training programs. 

I love the challenge of rolling my sleeves up, crafting the copy, designing the layouts and the conceptuals for the marketing collateral, designing and writing websites that work hard in lead generation, I love writing 'space' ads (I've written two books on the subject), and developing effective brochures that educate prospects to the reasons to BUY ... Heck, I even built my own in-house 'green screen' video studio for producing training videos. 

Recently, I took on a JV project with two entrepreneurial gentlemen, where we created a complete 'toolkit' encompassing all of the above elements.  It will be a multimillion dollar venture, started from a meeting over coffee and the notes on the proverbial napkin!  THAT sort of project really energises me and I tend to work on bringing the project to fruition like a 'man possessed'.

A not unsimilar project that I've just completed with a group of JV partners is already building into an international network of licensees on the ground who'll harness our intellectual property to generate well into six figures and add massive value to the business community.

Bottom line, delivering the whole package and watching the impact on sales growth and on profits is what makes it such fun.   And it's why my clients come back for more whenever they have new projects.

Which I guess brings us to my fees ...

Let me put it to you this way.  I’ll only accept a project I’ll enjoy working on.   And importantly, a project where I see very clearly that the potential is huge with the right input and expertise.  If I judge I'm not the right person for you, I'll quickly tell you that.  Life is too short to make promises we can't deliver.

I don’t charge by the hour.   Never have.  Rather, I base my fees on the OUTCOMES. If I can demonstrate $1,000,000 in additional sales, then you can expect my reward will be a fair reflection of that outcome.  And the fee component is payable up front. 

Do I work on performance based arrangements?  Actually, these days, that's more and more the way I tend to work with my clients.  On a JV fee/performance based agreement.  But not surprisingly, I have to be REALLY excited about the project to get involved.

Of course, my clients have a guarantee. If we work together on a project over say 4 months, and they were to feel they weren't getting massive value during any month, (and I can't fix it), I'll happily refund that month's fee component back in full.  (I've never had to by the way.) But it's an iron clad guarantee of my value and commitment.

So there you have it.  Not your usual 'marketing guru' website story ...

Now it's over to you.  If you think having one of Australia's recognised best and most experienced marketers on your project would be interesting, and you're serious about working collaboratively to achieve exponential results in your business, then by all means call me.   No cost.  No obligation. 

The number in is Brisbane: 3300 6909. (Outside of Australia, +617 3300 6909.)

Chris Newton


07 3300 6909. Or if you prefer, submit the request form, and I will be in touch, without obligation.